Entity relationships


Survey is the main container for several Questions. Each Question refers to a screen on a survey. In the REST API structure, survey returns an array of Questions.


Question refer to a screen inside a survey and is normally returned as a part of a Survey call. Each Question can also be retrieved invidually via the Questions API. Questions can be part of many surveys but this is a rare case (custom applications).

Response chain

Response chain is a whole answer to one entire survey. The contents of the responses field is an array of one or more responses depending on which questions the respondent has answered. If the survey has been not answered fully the responses field will only contain the responses up to the point of exit by the customer. Also, skipping logic applied via the survey can result into varying sets of responses by the user.


A Response is an answer to an individual field of a Question. Regularly you only have 1 field inside the Question but for Slider and Contact question types the answers are separate Response objects. Each Response shares the responseChainId as a foreign key but those fields have a fieldId which links to the specific choice.fieldId inside a Question.


Touchpoints are the source of the incoming responses. This can be an individual Feedbackly terminal, a web widget, an email list etc. Responses have a unique touchpointId and a touchpointName to further clarify the source of responses. Each Response chain can only have one touchpoint because it represents one session (one respondent).

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