Debugging website widgets

Due to the amount of variables it's not always straightforward to figure out why exactly a survey triggers/doesn't open for a visitor.

To find out more about the underlying reasons, Feedbackly provides the means to debug this.

If you need to check the installation status of a widget, please see Verifying installation.

List all triggering options available to the visitor

When on your website and with Feedbackly widget installed, open up the dev tools for the browser. In Chrome, this can be done via the command ⌘ + option + J

Run the following command:


The console should print out an array of configuration objects similar to this:

This is in essence the JSON-representation of your website triggering parameters available on the Feedbackly UI's widget triggering parameters. All the objects in this array are the potential surveys to be shown to the user when conditions are met.

Listing client data

To find out what data the widget has recorded of the visitor, run


This data can be useful in determining whether the visitor has met the conditions for a survey to be triggered.

A few remarks on the properties:

  • session.declinedActivations lists whether the user has declined a survey, its id and timestamp

  • session.sampledActivations shows whether the visitor fits to the sample of the survey

  • visitedUrls shows all visited urls of the visitor

  • scroll shows the current page scroll of the visitor

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