Triggering surveys via custom properties


Custom triggering properties are used to have a more fine-grained control over the triggering properties of a Feedbackly website widget.

For instance, you might want to trigger a survey based on whether a customer is logged in to the members' are in your website. This can be easily accomplished provided that there is Javascript access to the information required to set the triggering behavior.

Set up custom triggering parameters in the Feedbackly dashboard

In the website triggering options, open up Advanced targeting and add the property under Custom Properties like so

Adding a custom triggering property to the Feedback widget via the Javascript API

When the Feedbackly widget is installed, run

FBLY.action("addCustomProperty", KEY, VALUE)


Let's assume the information of the logged in status is stored in a Javascript variable accessible in the namespace the widget command is run. For this example, we'll assume it's stored in user.loggedIn variable.

Running FBLY.action("addCustomProperty", "loggedIn", "true") will tell the widget that the user is logged in. If the widget triggering settings has that property set, the survey will then trigger (if no other restrictions are set)

Removing a single custom triggering property

When you want to prevent further surveys from displaying because of a custom property

When the Feedbackly widget is installed, run

FBLY.action("removeCustomProperty", KEY)


Following the previous example, if we want to remove a custom triggering property (let's say the user logs out) we would run this command:

FBLY.action("removeCustomProperty", "loggedIn")

Clearing all custom properties

This command clears all custom triggering properties of the visitor


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